My Students Are Hot!

I teach high school. So many of my female students are SO f****** hot! I fantasize about them a lot, and I love discreetly checking out their cleavage and their tight little butts.

I would NEVER actually touch one of them. I'm married, and I don't cheat. And even if I weren't, I would be WAY too scared of getting caught.

But I love looking at them, and I love jerking off while fantasizing I am f****** the h*** out of them. I just had to admit it.

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  • I was a Hi school teacher for 25 years. I know exactly how this guy felt. The things I saw and heard in those years would make a great p*** movie. It was always very clear that those young women were tormenting me. I saw more "beavers" that a forest ranger. But the best was a very wild young lady who wrote Good Morning Mr.xxxx on the inside of her thighs....I do believe I jacked off moe as an olde man that I did as a younger person...

  • ..I have always been curious 'bout what teachers think.For that reson I wear london-style school girl outfits just for their reaction

  • So if you knew you couldn't get caught you would do it? I could understand a student feeling this way because it's all a part of growing up with the hormones and puberty thing, but a teacher? if you're a teacher that feels this way you need to get help. I hope that If a kid ever confronts you with similar feelings you would say these feelings are normal but wrong instead of trying to coax them into the hallway bathroom.

  • When I was in high school I had SO many fantasies about f****** my teachers. I wore the naughty schoolgirl outfits all the time. And I was a sexy 15 year-old!

  • I wish one of my high school teachers would f*** me, I used to wear borderline school girl outfits at school and hang around after school and visit his classroom. I really wish he would have punished me for tempting him like that. I wish he would have spanked me and bent me over his desk and f***** me.... God, I wish that would happen.

  • I have to say.. I've always wondered how teachers really felt about this. A friend of mine made out with her track coach in high school and ever since then I've wondered if male teachers were as calm cool and collected as they seem. thanks for the insight!

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