I am sick of all the people in the

I am sick of all the people in the world who just sleep around and have "friends with benefits". Why don't you just get a life, get some REAL friends, get a REAL relationship, and grow up. Sure you can say there is more to life then being in a stable relationship, but seriously, there is more to life then sleeping around - being in a stable relationship can be great, if your with the person of your dreams you can live life to the fullest every single day! Find someone your happy with and enjoy life - don't waste it away - enjoy it with someone, completely.

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  • Well thee way i see it is if you are truly happy in that relationship then what other people are doing with their lives shouldn't bother you, are you sure you aren't just jealous that they are doing what you can't?

  • until they get fat and ugly, and they you just sleep around again.

  • I totally agree! My relatives do that, and I'm like, "Well, their lives are wasted!"

  • did your boyfriend leave you for his fwb? if not why do you care, it is their lives, so stay the h*** out if peoples business. I t sounds like you need a life,

  • same

  • s** is good and some people just have really high s** drives this is life you'll never be able to control what people do so get over it I like f****** other people

  • even though its tough to have "friends with benefits" (ive tried it and was emotionally involved so it didnt work out) but just cause its not for you doesnt mean that everyone who does it is a loser. dont call people losers and look down uppon then just cause they can do something you cant.

  • more to life THAN(not then)

  • im still not over him. It will be 6 months on dec 8 since the last time i saw him. I will cry around those day every moth. i seriously hate myelf for felling this way. but im happy now cuz im getting over him... i think i met somone else. =)

  • and are we supposed to remain celebate while we wait for Mr. or Miss right? I HAVE a life, and a couple of close friends who I can help with their needs while we look for that special someone.
    In the meantime, we're doing just fine.... what's your problem with that?

  • i think someone has been used...and isnt too happy about it..

  • LOL

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