I don't enjoy life anymore. I am a

I don't enjoy life anymore. I am a Christian and a wife. I volunteer with Hospice patients and I love them, but when it comes to my life...I hate it. I have nothing I enjoy, no motivation, no reason anymore. Sometimes I wish I was light as a feather, and would blow away with the wind.

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  • Something to consider. It is easy to see ourselves by what we do rather than who we are. Tell a Christian professional your problem. Christianity is RELATIONSHIPS. I have been where your are and was for many years. My friends and preacher couldn't help me. I turned to a Christian Psychologist and worked things out. Trust me, you could not have been as low as I was. You will make the right choices and succeed! I know!

  • Thank you all. You've all given me something I should do, and I will take your advise. Going through the motions explains it perfectly...I will try and start working on myself for a change. Thank you again. -OP

  • It sounds like you are going through the motions and serving others while ignoring your own needs.

    What did you enjoy before marriage? Did you excel in some class or sport? Maybe take some life drawing classes, or anything that easily shows advancement as that'll encourage you to keep at it. It will fill you with confidence and fulfillment and give yourself some time alone.

  • I feel that way at times also. My wife does not get what I say so I have not bothered to much with that type of talk with her. If you have not spoken to your Husband you should. What works for me is exercise (running) and even more important is me doing things that I truly like. For me it is being in the outdoors, woods, fishing and hunting and that sort of activity. I generally do these things by myself, as most of my friends are so wrapped up in their lives that they forgot where they came from, and it is very refreshing and brings me up.
    You may not be into this sort of activity but take something that is or was important to you in your life and then run with it. Those other feels will go away , they did for me.

  • You may be depressed. This is common. The hard part is realizing it and acting on it. The reason it's hard at this time for you is because ... you're depressed. Try to scrap together some motivation to help yourself out. Try your doctor, a book, something you do for fun. Excersize is really good for treating and preventing depression, for some reason.

  • Don't just tell us, tell your husband or a friend from church or one of the patients at the hospice. In my experience someone approaching the end of their days can provide some perspective to the difficulties we suffer in our daily lives.

    Your reason is out there, go find it......

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