The Football Player Next Door

Okay I'm 15, a freshman and I go to one of the highest testing high schools in the state. Next door there's this hot, varsity football player he's a junior that goes to my school and he kinda impregnated me :( I really don't want to be known as the slutty freshman who gave it up to the football player next door. He's giving me the money to take care of my problem but I really had to get this off my chest...which are swollen and sore only after 1 week and a couple days. Who needs a **-job when you have a foot ball player next door?

Next Confession

I wanted his virginity

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  • You are the ** next door that gave it up to the jock next door all you whores always wanted to ** the star qb of the football team and the odds are against him that he will even have a job in 10 years why don't you find the nerdiest kid in school and ** him look at bill gates he is a billionaire and since you are living the stereotypical high school girl why don't you be the stereotypical woman and only go for guys that have money

  • Punctuation is a lost art.

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