Husbands best friend walked in on me.

I was changing to go out for the evening and was in our bedroom, My husbands friend suddenly opened the door and of course i was naked bent over and he saw my you know what, I screamed, He slammed the door and whatever.
It would have never been a big deal but we all went out and partied and the next day my husband was laughing as he told me that after his friend got drunk he talked all night about how nice my vag is to everyone.

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  • Buddy of mine asked me to walk in on him and his wife having s**. I waited until I could hear them f****** and then I opened their door and walked in. He had her in doggy facing the door. I saw her big b**** hanging down and flopping around as he f***** the s*** out of her. She got mad as h*** when she saw me and screamed at me to get out. My buddy laughed so hard that she made him get out. We ended up going back to the bar and my buddy ended up sleeping on the couch for a few days.

  • My mother in law walked in on me when I was getting dressed. My wife was having a cook out in the back yard and I came home from work. I went in and took a show then went to my bedroom to get dressed. I was standing there full nude when my wife's mother walked in to my bedroom. Not to brag or anything but I have a good 8 inch d***. When she walked in her eyes got really big and she just kept looking at it. I didn't know what to say, so I just said can I help You? No answer, so I ask her again. Do you need something? She finally looks up at me and says I would like to have that as she looks back down at my c***. Then she slowly backed out of the room and closed the door. She looks at me differently now and I'm always catching her looking at my crotch.

  • I walked in on my SIL one time. Totally by accident. I didn't know she was in the shower and I walked in to her buck ass naked. Funny thing she didn't try to cover herself. She just stood there rubbing her towel across her back and said oh hello. She had amazing t*** and a shaved p****. I would have f***** her had she made the move.

  • You are blind if you think your husband didn't have him walk in on you. I have been married 3 times. 2 of my husband's would have killed another man if he said anything about my body and the other one would have loved to watch me have s** with several of his friends if I would have agreed. Trust me honey, your husband had his friend walk in on you.

  • I sent a friend of mine in on my wife, She was in bed drunk and h**** and i was in the garage drinking with a friend, She was sending me messages to come to bed, I texted her and said only if you are naked and ready when i get there and instead of sending my friend home i told him to walk into our room, He opened the door and she was on her back spread eagle rubbing herself and she didn't even notice right away, She had her head back and her eyes closed and she lifted her head and said "Are you finally gonna...WTF!!" and as she scrambled for covers he said "Sure".
    She wasn't happy and threw a book from the night table at him as she screamed at him to get out, I still get in s*** for it but it was funny to me and he got to see her naked.

  • I think hubby has something to do with the surprise walk in. There are a whole lot of guys that want others to see wife/GF naked.

  • You did nothing wrong. His friend walked in on you and saw your p****. Now he is telling everyone how nice it is.

    You have a nice p**** and another guy wants to have s** with you (trust me does want to have s** with you). You should be over the moon with joy that you still have a nice body. Would you have felt better if he had told everyone you have a nasty p**** and he wouldn't have s** with you if you were the last woman on earth? Probably not.

  • No, I would have felt better if he just shut his mouth and kept the memory to himself.

  • Touche, but then you would have never known if he likes it or not.

  • I don't care if he likes it, It's not his to like or dislike and no my husband didn't send him in there.

  • Bullshit. Play the perfect little lady all you want. Women like knowing they are wanted by other men. It gives their ego a boost and you are no different. You liked it and your husband sent him in.

  • You are so right. Women play the victim card when it is convenient for them. Otherwise they love the attention that men give them. That is why most women run around with their t*** on display for everyone to see. They run around in pants so tight you can see every c*** hair. Then they get all bent out of shape when the wrong guy looks at them. Face it b**** you liked it and you probably want him to f*** you. That is why you are one the internet talking about it. Got to keep that memory alive and your p**** wet. How many times have you masturbated thinking about him seeing your p****? I bet you have more than once. You may even be f****** him right now.

  • Just take it as a compliment. A lot of women are self-conscious about how they look down there (me included) and to have someone say you look great is not a bad thing at all.

  • The Friend probably exaggerated greatly as he didn't get a good look. Pubic hair and glassy eyes. Just just seeing you naked he was bragging for attention.

  • Sorry, No pubic hair on this one ;)

  • You should ask you husband if he wants you to f*** his friend. Obviously you won't (unless you want to), but just to see what he will say. I'm guessing he wants you to f*** him and just hasn't worked up the nerve to ask. If he does want you to f*** him, you can almost bet that your husband told his friend to walk in on you.

  • WTF!!!!! No, Never.

  • Why, you got a stick up your ass

  • Don't you want to know if your husband put him up to it? I'm not saying that you should f*** his friend. Just saying you should ask your husband if he wants you to, then if he says yes you ask him if he's crazy. Then you will have an idea if your husband was involved.
    It's just kind of odd for some guy to brag about seeing some other guys wife nude. Then you husband thought it was funny. So I'm guessing your husband knew he was going to walk in on you.

  • So. True. Its how guys think. I love my wife. I may never agree to it. But the thought of my wife being pleasured by another guy turns me on. Maybe if its at the right moment I would be open to it.

  • I would let my wife f*** another guy, but she says no everytime I ask. I tried to get her to take photos of her p**** and t*** then show them to guys on the internet, again she said no. The most I ever got her to do was wear a see-through bikini to the swimming pool at the hotel we stayed at one time. She only agreed because it was winter and there we only 3 rooms rented in the whole place. We never seen one person the whole night, so the risk of getting caught was very low. Her see-through bikini was made of mesh and was clearly see-through before it even got wet. Once she got in the pool and it got wet, she may as well been naked, the only parts visible were the strings. At first she tried to cover herself with her hands, but the more we swam the more she relaxed and stopped trying to cover herself. I wished some guy would have come in at that point, but no one ever did. We finished our swim and she put her cover-up back on before we headed back to the room.

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