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Im a 32 y/o married girl in denver. i know my husband will never find it because i created a youtube account with a different name. i guess im an exhibitionist. i put a vid of me (edited but you can still make it out) of me giving someone i met online oral s**. i guess im somewhat of an exhibitonist. if any of you find

Dec 23, 2010

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  • Funny..My older sister went on vacation, and posted pics of herself in a soaked t-shirt, nips protruding, smile on her face. Said was a one-time thing, but, then started doing other body parts, bottle in her mouth (like a bj), and her long-nailed hands on some unknown guy's item. Told me was all in fun, then realized..It's out there now.

    She's done it twice more, that I know of, since..

  • There are b****** videos on youtube? Really? I think yer yanking our chain on this one. Plus, if he has half a brain and the interest all he needs to do is study your computer use history to track down what you've done. Are you really that naive? All that said, "How YOU doing?"

  • You go girl, have fun!

  • Totally agree with the Anonymous comment. Being an exhibitionist is one thing, being a w**** and cheating on your husband is something entirely different. You shouldn't have ever gotten married. He deserves someone better.

  • You spit all over the meaning of marriage and relationships. I hope your husband finds out because what you did was bs. Exhibitionist isn't the word I would have called you.

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