It was late, I was tired and my toddler

It was late, I was tired and my toddler was whining & I wasnt in the mood to receive phone calls when mom called, she began to b**** about her life, about dad and about how much she missed having her grandchilden over. In short she needed somebody to talk to, Before she could finish I stopped her and told her that it wasnt a good time to talk, and that I needed to settle in for the night
The line went silent for a few seconds then quietly she said " I understand dear, you try to get some rest and I'll call you tomorrow to se how you are" I said " ok mom whatever" almost in an annoyed tone, then she said "I love you, goodnight" I cant remember if I replied.
The next morning the phone rang, it was dad " Im not sure how to tell you son but your mother passed way during the night" during the funeral dad & I were sitting having a quiet moment together when he put his hand on my knee and said "son your mom and I were preparing for bed when she told me she was going to call you...just to say hello, you know how she liked to fuss over you" at that moment my blood froze and i felt a shiver go up my spine, I avoided making eye contact with dad but he continued "anyway, I had fallen asleep by the time she turned in, so it seems you were the last person to speak to her, I envy you for that son, I just wish I hadn't selfishly fallen asleep" the tears were beginnig to well up in his eyes, I smiled and put my hand over his trying to comfort him, and as he bowed his head and silently sobbed my mind went back to the evening mom called, if only dad knew the truth! Mom, its been 18 years but I think about that evening and you almost every day, I love you mom. I LOVE YOU!

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  • How were you too know? You know, your mother would forgive you in an instant, make a decision to recover from this and make a decision to stop punishing yourself even if you feel you should- cos you're wrong. And your mother would also burst into tears if she knew that you held this against yourself for fifteen years. You should stop at least for her sake.

  • aw this was sad. I'm sorry for your loss.

  • that is so sad...thanks for sharing how important it is to take time for other people, even when we are very busy

  • the first time w. ur mom wasn't bad. we all get a little irritable evey once in a while even with our parents. w/ ur dad, ur doing the same thing, but on purpose! learn something man! LEARN!

  • That last comment was abit harsh but i tend to agree..we're all human and we all make mistakes and im sure your mother would not want you to torture yourself over a bad moment, she would have known you loved her, im sure there were many other times that you showed her. You dont want to have the same regrets when it comes to your father. Make up for lost time while you still can. :)

  • Get over it! She knew you loved her else she wouldnt have called you in the first place to unload. We all have bad days, she wouldve understood that.You're letting it s**** up your life arent you? Do you think thats what she wouldve wanted? Best way you could show your Mum you love her is by leading a good life and making something of yourself. & dont punish your Dad with your own guilt!

  • I still avoid visitjng dad, hes 85 now and probably wonders why, my god! i wish i could set this free.

  • Your mum was probably happy that you shared your life with her. That you showed her what stae your life was like. You didn't try to cover anything up or lie to her. She being a Mum would understand what mood you were in and was probably happy you could share some emotion with her.. this probably sounds obserd, but when your kids grow up, you'll feel that way, happy to be included and to hear actualli footage of their life.

  • Im sure you mom wouldnt want you to continue punishing yourself, forgive yourself friend.

  • dude that almost made me cry.... im totally sorry

  • sorry for ur loss..........

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