My mom cheats

My mom and dad dont live togather anymore because my grandpa died causing my dad to have to stay with his mom so she didnt loose her house but their still married and every weekend they spend it togather. My mom started acting weird about her phone If I went to use it she'd yell at me saying use my own and not to touch hers well one day my dad was on the phone with her and wanted to speak with me and she had to let me use her phone she went in another room and while i was on the phone it vibrated I looked to see what was going on and it was a text message from Steve reading "I want whats in your panties" my stomach instantly dropped when i got off the phone I looked at her text messages witch was really SEXT messages with this steve guy. I felt like she was not only cheating on my dad but me too so i confronted her about it I told her what i saw and i told her i was going to tell dad and that this has to stop NOW she played it off like dont worry about what i do its not ur buisness dont concern yourself but she did stop for awhile and i found out alot about this steve is in his 50s and he pays women for s** I know this because my sister got a hotel room for him and another girl to have s** in and gave them both money for it apparently my mom came in contact with him when my sister went to jail. TodaY i woke up and i couldnt find my phone and i had to be at work at 2pm I went in the kitchen and moms was on the charger I picked it up to check the time and she didnt close her texts and they was going at it he was telling her "his mouth water for her AGAIN" she told him she can get away for maybe 4 hours but it will cost him... I dont know why my mom would be prostituting honestly she acts likes shes broke but she has 8 thosand dollars saved up to do anything she wants with I dont know what to do anymore or how to get her to stop being a nasty s*** shes a mom and shes disgraceing all of us.

Jul 22, 2012

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  • just tell your dang dad already. your mom is a damn s*** easy as that. my mom did the same f****** thing. i gave her a chance and she chose to ignore it, and so did your mother so get it over with already. tell her how you feel and that she is a f***** up s***.

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