New Year's Resolution: Lose Virginity

I am embarassed to say that I am still a virgin. I swear, it seems like I am the only virgin female out there. I want to lose my virginity before I'm 30, which will be in October. I'm not the most attractive person in the world but I'm not the ugliest person in the world. I don't know if I would tell the guy that I was a virgin. Sometimes I think that it would be best to have s**, no strings attached. I mean, ideally, most people want there first time to be with someone that they care about. As much as I agree with having s** with someone that I care about, right now, I just feel like I have some urges that I can't take care of myself. I mean, really, there is only so much that a vibrator or d**** can do in terms of pleasuring me. I can get an o***** or two but I'd like to get an o***** from a real guy. I want to know what it's like to have a guy inside of me. There are things that I'd like to try sexually (positions, b*******, having him suck my b****** and nipples, etc.) and what I won't try sexually (a***, etc.). I'd say more but I don't want to get too explicit.

What do I have to do to get a guy interested? Do I get a male escort? Would a guy be freaked out if a d**** and vibrator is the only thing that has been in me? Wouldn't a guy be thrilled to 'show off' what he's good at? Or at least, what he thinks he is good at?

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  • If your just looking for s** go to a club, if your not hideous it'll be pretty easy to pull. Or maybe join like a s** website? There might me loads of people just like yourself?

  • if u r in india..u can contact me

  • save it..find someone deserving and get married ..
    then HONEYMOON ..

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