I just joined the army about 2 weeks

I just joined the army about 2 weeks ago. My bestfriend says that theres nothing that she could think to say that would be a reason for me to NOT join. Theres 2 things she dont know though....1 i didn't offically sign the papers until it was her and her b/f's 1 year anniversity, which was my sign that i have lost her. 2 i would probably hold my breath until i go blue and fall over, if she truely asked me to.
I joined becuz i just wanted to get her to realize that shes losing me by not keeping me. And now, im signed up for 8 years, and in 2 when i graduate highschool, i'll be iraq about 6months after graduation.

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  • aww sweet to everybody who thinks your a p**** there probably all fat and sit at home on there x-box or something any girl would think that is sweet i do i say fight for your rights

  • Your decision was not the brightest, but now you have to deal with it. You will join the army, get an education, a good job, come back in 8 years and not even remember the ho that made you join.

  • seek Jesus

  • dude...youre still a f*****' p****...


  • excuse me, but that is the only reason to join the g******* Army. For the money. $20,000 signin bonus, 100% college tuition, and "stress-free" training...otherwise i'd be a marine, be a real man. 13 weeks of hardcore bootcamp to train a true warrior.

    ~"noone", dumbshit, illegal d***, AKA... tags

  • i hate army men who are just doing it for the money. what are your real goals in life son?

  • noone joins the army because you want somebody to realize their losing you...dumbshit...


  • you illegal d***. shut up... your girlfriend is going to cheat on you. and when you die... i will laugh!

  • WHATEVER, P****...


  • hey lover, im the maker of this here confession,
    No offense, i do know that your right "p****** cant defend our country" And i never said i was scared. I'm fully ready and able to do my duty to defend my country in the army. I plainly just made a confession stating that my reasons for joining the army were out of the reasons that are purely ignorant...But in no way does that make me a p**** or fear the outcome of these 8 years. If i was truely afraid i would have taken a desk job, or just SAID im joining the army to make fear buildup, then take their education. Instead i took Infantry, where i wanted to put myself in battle. I have only two good qualities about me, im a fighter and im a lover. Obviously love isn't working out for me, so my fighting instincts will grow in mass as i serve my country.

  • i hope you read the fine print because p****** can't defend our country...sorry...


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