Im Addicted

Im a 15 yr old girl and i love p***. Im still a virgin, i have a boyfriend but i still love p***. I watch it at any chance. i have even done it on my phone in front of my mom (she didnt know) Its like a gamble because i can get caught at any moment but i have tried to stop but i cant i dont know how to get help i dont want to go to my mom or dad or anyone i just dont know how to stop i love to masturebate but its not enough i still dont want to lose my virginity either im not old enough to buy my own vibrater either i just dont know what to do i have gotten so many people in trouble by framing them. Once i put my dads p*** cd under my brothers bed after watching it and my brother got caught with it.Its happend so many times but, im a straigh A student and im perfect from my parents eyes its just that one dirty little secret in the back of my closet.

Jan 21, 2011

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  • If you're not comfortable with loosing your virginity you could let him inside you by trying a*** s**. I've known plenty of girls who tried a*** before traditional s** so that they could keep their cherry for someone special. And you know what, they had a wonderful time and where able to gain sexual experience for that right guy without loosing their virginity.

  • I had a*** with my girls before p****, started them before they started school

  • Chrome with incognito mode before someone gets hurt.

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