<3 black guys!

I am really really attacked to black guys like really !!!!

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  • I like asian chicks. and latinas, and black chicks, and white chicks, filipinas....h*** I could go on forever....

  • You guys are SO stereotypical! You're saying that just because she likes black guys, then she likes criminals or someone who is really bad. Just because he's black, doesn't mean he's bad. ANYONE has the ability to be a bad person, the blame is just put on black people because they're black. Knock it off you racist, stereotyping bastards.

  • You should go out with black guys then.

  • i would love to !

  • Then start letting black guys know you're interested. It's no big deal. Society is way beyond the days when this was something taboo. But you know there are a****** black guys who will f*** you over just like there are white guys like that, right?

  • attracted not attacked lol

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