I feel embarassed... bunnypoeta on experience project
wanted me to get more poor people for him to help...

I said well, i am poor,,,, help me... but he didn't seem to want to help ulilbeauty

did I do something wrong???

tell me god!


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  • No you did nothing wrong, he did the same thing to me, bunnypoeta is a sick evil b****** who goes around bullying women. he made threats to me. Am I surprised he wanted you to help poor people? he did similar to me and more threatening to kill and harm me and torture me, just call the police. are you sure they were the poor ? or just a poorter ? the guy plays word games on people and it thinks its something but its a nothing. tell him to stop stalking you. he is a nutter. https://myspace.com/bunnypoeta http://bunnypoeta.weebly.com/ is this him and when he talks he talks like Yoda and even when he writes to you he has an aura of a devil or dark omen voice like some wacko gothic freak that frightens and haunts and tortures you. just call the police, this guy actually is a terrorist. he said he was writing some book and making a movie or video clip or some s***. he is a terrorist in Portugal. avoid him.

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