This is so hot!

I love watching clips and videos of women getting f***** by their dogs, especially when doing it "doggy style" with a big breed of dog. The intensity of the s** and the pleasure that the woman gets from being f***** and knotted is beyond arousing! Wow!

Mar 3, 2011

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  • This is sick

  • Above post, you're right on that one....G******, does it hurt. The stupid things I've done for my boyfriend...
    And, seriously, hard to sit for days later. Plus, you know, added risk of tearing some internal lining there. :(

  • You probably either had too big of a dog or didnt do it right >_> Thats hot though.... but im sorry it hurt you >__<

  • L shut the f*** up, no one cares.

  • Some seem to care, crybaby but this post and replies aren't mine. I'm not into p***- I f*** my dog for pleasure and its what I get out of it. L

  • As long as you understand it's not real. P*** actresses are just that - actresses. They have to pretend like it's pleasurable, but it probably isn't. I just hope you won't get a girlfriend and then ask her to let a dog mount her. She most likely won't thank you for it.

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