Not sure what to do..

I have a best friend and have had one for all of my high school years. She was my other half, my sister, she thought my thoughts and finished my sentences. Now she moved away for college and i have no clue what happened to her.
Her views changed on everything so quickly, she doenst keep in touch with her friends from here anymore and when she does shes boring and unenthusiastic. She used to be very strong and had her own opinions and stuck to them and now shes the complete opposite. I know its natural for people to move away and change so at first i played it cool but seriously its been a while now and its only getting scarier.
She used to be so innocent, she never came close to boys without reason and now i hear stories (that she hid from me) of her doing really really dumb things with guys when shes wasted and she drinks everyday and the list goes on.

She is basically NOT who i expected her to be in college and im not sure what to do. I have approached her numerous times and shes in complete denial. i know the best advice would be to just let it be and let her learn from her mistakes but how can i watch her lie to her own ' best friends ' face and be okay with that?
I miss her so much and every day it just gets worse..

Mar 3, 2011

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  • People change and friendships change too. She's spreading her wings, meeting new people, experiencing other things. Sometimes growing means changing or leaving some people behind. All you can do is tell her how you feel, like you have been. Tell her that she doesn't have to lie. That you may not agree with some of the things that she's doing, but you hope that you two can still be friends. You can tell her you're just concerned. Let her get this out of her system. In the meantime, try to meet other people. If you guys are really bffs she'll always be in your life.

  • i'm the one who WROTE the post..

  • ^ thats extremely rude..if you have nothing to say dont say it.

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