Am i wrong?

Is it wrong for me to be good friends with my boyfriends best friend?

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  • i know and thats what im scared of. last time it ended with me losing both of them. this time im not prepared to lose any of them, i just dont know how i can make it work :(

  • Nah, you can be friends. It really is possible. But by posing the question here you probably have feelings for the guy beyond friendship. That's where things start getting messy.

  • Yes, it is wrong. If your b/f believes it is wrong, then it is. For men there is no such thing as a "good friendship" between a woman and a man, and eventually you will end up in bed with one of them. Or more than one, because this is what they are after...

  • the thing is im starting to swing more and more your way, you cant be good friends with a boy without anything more. have to find a way round it. its not happening a second time.

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