I'm Embarresed

I got completley drunk and I'm only 15. I was with my friends in a pub, and my friends are 19. So they brought me the drinks. There was a guy that kept flirting with me, I got so drunk that I ended up having s** with the guy. I didn't know him. He wasn't drunk. He f***** me so hard that now I feel dirty and embarresed. I just can't belive that I lost my virginity at 15 to a guy I didn't even know.

This might sound really weird, but, he knew me. And I didn't know him.

He f***** me so hard that I just can't belive it. I mean he even cummed inside me. I feel so dirty!

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  • You were drunk and that guy took advantage of you. You feel dirty because you were raped. Please don't put yourself in that situation again in the future. You're too young and that could've happened to any girl/woman who doesn't realize there are men like him. I'm sorry you had to go thru this. Please get checked for pregnancy and STDs and be more cautious in the future. By the way, dump your friends. They should've looked after you as you would them.

  • Okay immature.She made a mistake....Don't listen to that moron sweetheart.This is something you have to get through.This man took advantage of you.Plain and simple.What he did was wrong.You shouldn't be hanging out with these people if their taking you to pubs to get drunk.Always be careful and get tough.Never let a man touch you like that if you don't want it.Good luck to you.

  • I'm not immature you f****** dickhole, I'm just not sugar coating it for her.

    If she had any f****** sense in her s**** filled head, she would have gone to the police and reported that child rapist but instead, she's on some anon-confession site b****-fisting about how "dirty she feels".

    Its people like you who tell them its not their fault. Bull f****** s***. She put her self into that situation. Sure she didn't asked to be raped (statutory definition) but she still put herself in position to be raped.

    Its like a drowning sailor blaming the ocean as it floods into his lungs. Its f****** stupid and its people like you who keep this s*** happening to young women by sugar coating this simple fact:

    She was there. She was drinking. She was raped. She didn't tell anyone about it.

    So f*** you a******. You can't call me immature becasue I believe she should accept responsibility for her fcking actions.

    P.S - F*** you and your c*** flap face.

  • You deserved it you fat w****. You're the one who put yourself in that situation. You're the one who put the drinks in your mouth. Don't go blaming the world for your f*** ups.

  • This is rape, you know that right? Both in the statutory and straight up regular way. If you were wasted, then you were in not in the position to give consent. You have every right to do what you want, but I suggest that you report this guy. He took advantage of both your naivety and your inebriated state, and its not ok.

  • I hope you're not pregnant. That guy could be busted for statutory rape.

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