Flight 22 is off to Honolulu...

I guess I'm secretly obsessed with my first relationship... my ex boyfriend from a long time ago...

I'm still attracted to boys that look like him or act like him; those wild Asian ones...

I love looking at p*** that reminds me of him, even though I despise all others. It reminds me of when we f*****.

I'm a guy. I'm 19.

I'm f***** up in the head, I guess.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • To that one comment... thanks. I really appreciate it.

    To the other one, thanks... I really appreciated it.

  • No, you aren't f***** up. I was obsessed with the 2nd guy I had s** with for years, even would think about him every day for a month or so at a time after I was married! If you are in another relationship, I think it points that something is missing in your current relationship. (I ended up getting divorced; not because of thoughts of the other man from years previous, but that was a symptom of the lack of affection/sexual attraction I had in my own marriage).
    If it was ended for a good reason, he has moved on, etc., for your own sake, you need to end obsession. Try to meet someone else, don't think about him when you m********* - that just fuels the fire. The less you feed the monster the less it will control you. You have to cut off the obsession, but cutting off what feeds it. Don't drive by his house. Don't Google him. etc. Over time it will fade.

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