tonight my wife and I put hersey

tonight my wife and I put hersey chocolate syrup up her a***. i put the tip of the hersey bottle in her a*** and squeezed. about a cup of warm chocolate went up into her lower bowel. then as I jacked off, she expelled the chocolate back out into my mouth. it was awesome! it was like i was eating her diarrhea. sometimes she will leave a bit of her feces on a plate in the bathroom before she goes to work. i get up after her eat part of the t*** and then rub the rest on my c*** as I j*******.

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  • That sounds good is her hole clean now

  • That is even too much for me. And let me tell you I have done some seriously perverted stuff. Put the chocolate on her but not up her butt. That is just rude. Stop it now.

  • EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is seriously sick! You are going to get very sick from that. And if it gets in her s*****, she will get a nasty infection

  • I agree with the above.

    You people are chumps.

    In /b/, we've a saying...

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Okay seriously everyone this is such a bullshit confession.

  • if ur both getting pleasure from this sort of thing, hey whatever...b ut like, have u checked up on the health issues of eating s***? i beleive you can get some pretty nasty sicknesses.

  • Your a freak

  • Damn, that's sick. I love it when my man f**** my ass, but we both take showers afterward.

  • Tallk about a reprobate mind. You need Jesus.

  • you are one sick b******!

  • Not my cup of tea, but if she's your wife, you're both legal consenting adults, and you're both happy with it...hey who are any of us to judge. There are certainly many worse things a person could be doing to get off. This is harmless.

  • this is the most disgusting thing i ahve ever read...

  • that is so wrong and very unhealthy...there is a mental imbalance there somewhere, seeks some professional advice...

  • Feces will kill you.

  • thats not normal to some people but you should find help for your problem and seek tharapy :)

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