Masturbated at massage parlor

I went into a massage parlor and requested to have the $25 foot massage. After handing over the money to the cute Chinese woman i took my clothes off and started to m*********. She yelled hey you are not supposed to take your clothes off her coworker came in to see what the commotion was about. It was a turn on because she already had her finger inserted up my a*** and it was awesome having two very pretty women watching me m********* my c***. After i finished they both left the room but left door open. After recovering i then moved to the other chair and made sure they saw me. It was such a turn on because they both were within line of sight but by the front door watxhing me

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  • Years ago I went to a local 'legit' massage business. After stripping and laying down on the table, the owner, an asian woman....and quite good looking , started on the massage.
    The woman was very good.
    After a few minutes, I took down the towel covering me. I lay there nude.
    After the flip and more wonderful massaging, my c*** was at attention.
    Being a legit parlor, I knew she would not touch my, I asked for some oil and I masturbated and shot a load on my stomach while she watched.
    Such a f****** turn on. While I stroked I told her how pretty she was and how I would love to make love to her.
    I did this a few times at the same parlor...... and tipped handsomely.

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