My sister's best friend is super

My sister's best friend is super hot...she could be a supermodel, but she isn't. I wish I could get with her, but I know she doesn't like me, and she's 20 and I'm 16. She has an absolutely perfect body. I would often fantasize about her and try to picture her naked when I'd j*** off. Last weekend my parent's were in Vegas, so my sister and some of her friend's were hanging out getting drunk. I woke up a little after 4 am to take a p***. Then I went downstairs to get some water. When I turned on the light, first I saw the huge mess and all the liquor bottles, then I saw my sister's friend...the one I'm obsessed with passed out on the couch. She was laying face down and was wearing sweatshorts (I guess that's what they're called) and a t-shirt. I just stood there for a few minutes admiring the sight, then I started getting crazy ideas. I reached down and tapped her shoulder to see if she'd wake up easily...I figured if she did my excuse would be to ask her if she wanted my nice big bed, and I'd take the couch. But she didn't flinch. I touched her face, her lips, her nose, she's so f***** cute! I figured f*** it, this is a rare opportunity that I'd probably never have again. So I went for it, I put my hands on her ass...the nicest ass that I'll probably ever touch. I gently squeezed it a few times and then stepped back. At this point I realized she was out cold. I slid my hands under her shorts and felt her ass some more, but that wasn't good enough...I had to see it. I pulled down her shorts and panties far enough to get a full view. When I did this she moved a little bit so I pulled them up real quick and moved away. She didn't wake up though, so I went back and pulled them down again. I was shaking pretty bad, I was sooo nervous. I didn't know what would happen if she woke up and busted me or my sister came down and saw what I was doing. I was kneeling down next to her, staring at her ass, feeling it with one hand and jerking off with the other. I'm totally turned off by buttholes, but for some reason I spread her cheeks and looked at it...but didn't touch it though. Then I saw what I could of her p**** and slowly slid my middle finger inside it. She started moving around a little and squeezed her legs together really tight, but I just stayed there with my finger inside of her. It was the greatest feeling in the world. It felt like I was getting away with murder. I took one of my socks off and put it on my d*** so I wouldn't get c** everywhere. I kept my finger in her p**** while I blew my load like a volcano. I saw her later that day and 2 days ago, and she has no idea what I did. Now I look at her ass and actually know what it looks and feels like. I know...I'm an evil, evil dude. But she'll never know, so...F*** IT!!!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Damn dude nice.

  • Kill yourself. We don't need anymore rapists in the world. Same goes for b****** who rape too.

  • Your mad at him cuz he did something bad but what u just said is equally bad and if he does kill him self u can go to jail for man slaughter

  • I've done this before. I love passed out hotties.

  • Hope you get raped in prison by every gang member.

  • Its men like you that give the rest of us bad name

  • Smart comment.

  • i had a chance like that i was 1 she was 17 buti just woke her up nd carried her to my room to let her sleep in my room but she was so happy i done that for he we f***** and before you think it no she werent drunk we were at a party at my mates place nd i got the spare room score and i did score lol

  • dude f*** all these b******. i would do the same damn thing if i ever get the chance. you guys are full of s*** if you say you wouldn't too. if you are a dude and you see a hot drunk passed out chick and don't do anything to her chances are you are probably a f*****

  • Well I'll make sure I never fall asleep near you and always have that Roofie Nail Polish stuff with me. Piece of crap.

  • um dude, I really don't think he could have f***** her in the ass lol. that would be a little much. I can see getting away with feeling her up but definitely not an ass f****** lol

  • Actually I don't think that just a finger in the cooch would be considered rape.

  • look for Jesus

  • good for you
    I hope you're proud of yourself

  • As a female, reading this made me sick and angry. How could you take advantage of an innocent girl like that? What did did she ever do to deserve that!? I wish you would have been caught in the act. You should be locked up!
    As a female, reading this made me sick and angry. How could you take advantage of an innocent girl like that? What did she ever do to deserve that!? I wish you would have been caught in the act. You should be locked up!

  • As a female, reading this made me sick and angry. How could you take advantage of an innocent girl like that? What did she ever do to deserver that!? I wish you would have been caught in the act. You should be locked up!

  • Congratulations, you are officially a sexual predator. Are you proud? Oh, and to this comment: "it's not RAPE. he didn't F*** her", it is rape if there is ANY penetration dumbass.

  • eeeeeewwwww!!! I hope I'm never around you!!!

  • that is awesome. i've had chances to do stuff like that before, but i always chickened out. don't worry i don't think what you did is wrong. all you did was feel her up. and when your 16 your hormones go crazy so i can't blame you for being curious about a hot 20 year old girl. even if you were caught i don't think you would've got in trouble, maybe just slapped! but that would still be worth it right?

  • I have to tell u. After I read this I read it again and played wit myself : )

  • it's not RAPE. he didn't F*** her

  • Nah he molested her

  • This actually scares the crap out of me because I'm 20 yrs old and sleep over at my one friends house quite frequently, and she has a 16yo brother and I always notice him staring at me. We had a little get together like 2 months ago and I ended up drinking way too much and passing out on her couch!!! I really hope nobody has ever touched me like that while I was sleeping! That is so not cool....and really pathetic also.

  • I think it's called rape. But maybe that's just me.

  • I cussed my live in boyfriend out once for rubbing all over me when I was asleep. I don't know why, but it just made me feel violated. I said "can't you at least shake me so I'll wake me up first?!" I can't imagine how that girl would have felt if she had woken up to some perverted little 16 year old touching her and j**********. You need help. It is OK to have fantasies, but to assault someone in their sleep is just wrong. And thank for remining me never to get so drunk that I don't know what's going on.

  • last year when i was 17, i got molested when I was sleeping after my brothers 15th b-day party. at first i thought i was dreaming, but then i realized there was actually someone touching me. i don't know why but i just layed there for a minute, i think i was sort of in shock that this was happening. i opened my eyes a little to see who it was. 1 of my brother's creepy little friends had his hands all over me! i never got the lock on my door like i always wanted, so anyone could just walk right in at anytime. he had his hand in my underwear and was rubbing between my legs. i could tell that my shirt was pulled up too and i don't wear my bra to bed so i know he at least saw my b****. i took me like 10 seconds to be able to even move. the stupid pervert was trying to get his finger you know where but i got up real fast and ran to my dad's room and woke him up and told him what happened. my dad went nuts and found the creep in the family room pretending like he was sleeping. he started screaming at him and told him he had less than 1 second to get the blank out of our house or he was dead. as soon as my brother found out he was in denial at first and i think he still doesn't believe us cause he is still friends with him. i ended up having 1 of my guy friends beat the crap out of him pretty bad. but some of these comments are crazy! lucky girl? turned on? and the last comment? what if you got pregnant cause of that? i was definitely not lucky or turned on by my experience whatsoever! i have to live with that memory now for the rest of my life. the person who made the first comment is right, any molester should be locked up, and for a long time!

  • i had a similar incident happen to me. this guy thought i was asleep, and pulled down my pants and started fingering me. then he got excited and slipped his c*** into me. he busted his nut inside me after about 10 sec. but i was awake and loving it the whole time! i never told him that i knew what he did, but later we ended up f****** anyway. maybe she does know what u did. u should try to get her to f*** u next time she's drunk and see what happens.

  • OMG! It would turn you on to be sexually molested? You're just as sick as the kid who wrote this!

  • this actually turned me on reading it and im a female... lucky b****... if that was me and i woke up i would have been kinda freaked out a t first but too turned on to care... i woulda f***** u soo hard rite then and there...

  • h*** yeeah!!! i felt my freinds moms tittys when she was sleeping before. shes 36 but looks like shes prolly in her twentys tho. shes pretty hot!!! and she got big perfect tittys!!! and im gonna do it again!!! yeeeahh!!!!

  • lucky girl... haha i woke up after totally shitfaced to my bf's best freind eating me out and my boyfriend fingering my ass.. i loved it so much i just pretended i was still asleep

  • As a female, reading this made me sick and angry. How could you take advantage of an innocent girl like that? What did she ever do to you to deserve that!? I wish you would have been caught in the act. You should be locked up!

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