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I like to beat off while driving around and sometimes finger my a******. Couple days ago i was finger f****** my ass and got stuck at a red light. I looked over at the other car next to me and saw a cute girl. It made me feel so good so then i pulled my finger out of m y ass and started smelling it as i am starring at her. it was so sexy. she starred back and i didnt care.

Jan 12, 2012

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  • u just made me laugh so hard

  • You MORON! Of course it's strange! YOU knew that before you typed the first letter! You are either a TROLL or you are, without a doubt just another attention seeking mental cripple. Hopefully you will get caught and exposed for what you do but I suspect you just might enjoy a couple of nights in the County Iron Bar Motel being the play thing for a 300 pound sweaty psychopath that calls you sweet thang!

  • Actually, he'll get a ticket for driving while indecent

  • Goddammit, CuriousCoot. Why did you leave this site and take your sarcastic sensibility with you? There are some real losers infesting this place now, even worse than in your day.

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