My sexuality

Im a male and Im not gay but I think im bi-sexual. I posted on Facebook as a status to see what people would if I was to be bi-sexual and one of my 'supposed' close friends said "F**!" I was like, "Youre an ass." He said he Hates gay guys.
I gave him this website to look at and read the second one. I dont know what hes gonna say. I have a girlfriend that I love. I mean, I know its early in our relationship... We've been dating since the 4 of this month but we have known each other for a little while.. And honestly, I do get some butterflies when I talk to her but she doesnt know that. She's told me that she gets them to. I just havent told her... yet... Im getting butterflies right now thinking about her and typing this. Im attracted to guys. Yes, I like my own... stuff... A little.. I tol dher that I think I may bi-sexual and I told her that I tried my own... and I liked it a little. She doesnt have a problem with that at all because she is also bi-sexual.. Which I dont mind either at all. I have so many gay friends as well as bi-sexual and lesbian... I dont like people that discriminate others for something they love or like... I hate it. I just dont know how to tell people. Or even my mom. I asked her one day what she would do if I was bi-sexual or gay... She said she wouldnt like it because thats not how she raised me.. Im scared of what to say or how to say it to people. Very few people know. Only my true friends know about this... I dont know what to do...

Apr 6, 2011

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