Confusing open mindedness

Okay so i am a straight guy but I am open minded and alone. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be f***** in the ass. Im repelled by guys but maybe a kind of effeminate guy or a tranny that is like all girl only with a d*** along with her p****. That wouldnt be too bad. However i never really got close enough to anyone to know if i would really like it or if i am just being a lonely b****** whos insecure and thinks girls dont like me or i just am bored and think of wierd random stuff O.o I once stuck my finger in my ass and pressed on my prostate while j********** and i came really good, c** shot a lot out. The more recent times i tried it didnt work as good but maybe because im depressed. I know if i ever did something for real with a guy it would seriously f*** me up mentally. =/ If i ever knew a girl that was a tranny and looked totally like a girl i would like to suck her d*** and f*** her p**** and have her f*** me. yet then again... maybe im just lonely and bored... i dont have a clue... i must be nuts a bit.

Apr 8, 2011

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  • Maybe try having a girl f*** you with a strap-on? You could always suck it off first to get it wet if you're interested in that. There's nothing gay about liking the sensation of something in your ass, straight guys like it too.

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