Family is over rated

I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters
between the 6 of us there are four different fathers
I never met my real dad. I was the big secret his wife and children never knew about
I was molested by my older brother and sister when i was 7 or so.
my mother was very abusive and use to beat me with extension cords,and belts..all the f****** time.
My step dad was the only dad I ever knew. since early 1970s..very smart guy, family guy . always helping people out with diffrent projects on there houses
in 1989 he shot himself in the head, over his fathers walpole mass, cause he got busted raping woman, he was raping woman for almost 8 years that we know of..they branded him The loverslane rapist
he destoyed any sense of family i ever was like a tornado came down and f***** my world..My oldest brother died in prison from liver disease
he was in for life for shooting a cops father in tecomha washington, he use to run with the outlaws.
my oldest sister turned to prostitution at the age of 15,my step dad had also bean raping her.
my second brother is in jail also ..for molesting little girls, he has been a scumbag loser all his life
my youngest brother won 50 thousand dollars on the lottery..never offered me a he a habitual gambler and spend thousands a month, and he is a crack head.
I have nothing bad to say about my younger sister
she has had to endore so much she is a wonderful mother,when she was younger she tried to kill herself after finding out what her dad was doing( she was only 11) Me?????
I ran like h*** from my family and never turned back!
got married, had a wonderful Daughter and son
My son had very serious medical issues, after 10 years
of surgeries, he was finally out of the woods,
he got killed in a bus accident in west 2002 he was only 10 I miss him
I have a wonderful grandson,she named him after me..if my daughter ever knew about my Family, I,m afraid she would be Horrified, thats why I can never tell her ..The h*** I have seen.....


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