I'ma straight guy in a good marriage

I'ma straight guy in a good marriage but sometimes I wonder about sucking a guys c*** and letting him c** on my face. I also sometimes wonder what it would be like to wear a skirt and heels and let some guy f*** my ass and treat me like a s***.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Hmm...

    To spite the poster above, modify your fetish.

    Fantasize about getting pounded by a dog.

    In a dress.

    In high heels.

    Then carry out your fantasy.


  • You're probably just wondering but don't do it. Being gay isn't right. It's just a fantasy the way some people fantasize about doing it with animals or children or some other fetish. Stay straight.

  • The first thing you gotta do is admit that your gay your not straight at all

  • What is up with the homophobic ignoramus on this site who keeps spelling f***** like "fagit"? What a loser.

  • Nope, buddy, youre not straight.

  • Oh Yes! I used to think that way then my marriage broke up and I decided to try it - wonderful!!

  • It's not all it's cracked up to be!

  • Yeah you are a straight up fagit.

  • You're not a straight guy.

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