If a girl is beating up a guy, does the guy have a right to retaliate? if so how far can he go?

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  • Just think of her as a weak dude. What would you do to a weak dude? Hit back, but not too hard.

  • First...
    Why are you still with the psycho c***?
    Haul off and p*** slap that b**** as soon as she starts heading towards you.
    A night in jail is worth the confused look on her face as she picks her stupid ass up off the floor.

  • ^^ Above commenter, Shut The F*** UP!

    You can retaliate under canadian law, after THREE hits, but it must be of EQUAL force,
    & that doesn't mean you can just wail away on the b**** either.

  • If a GIRL is beating up a GUY, you MUST retaliate.

    You have the right to bend her over and squirt a thick rope of baby-batter up her butt. That should make her understand not
    to f*** around with a MAN!

  • A real man would deal with the situation more maturely, not use it as an excuse to brag about nonexistent s3x skills. If anyone (male or female) over the age of 9 was attacking YOU, you'd cry for your mommy!!

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