Ok so I admit that I have just recently started liking my cousin a few years ago and I think he likes me back. Just to keep something in mind I was adopted into the family...
So here is wat I noticed that was a little different and strange this Easter
Well my 3 cousins that are boys and I went on a walk down to buckeye lake because my aunt lives close to there well it was really wet and muddy and my skirt got all wet and my shoes were filled with water I got scared bc one of my cousins were acting up and drinking out of old nasty beer bottles so we alldecided to go back my cousin the one I like was ahead of me keep in mind I was still really wet so he offered to carry me so I wouldn't get all wet I thought this was strange so I said o no thank you but he still kept walking to me and after that we kept walking and talking by each other remember the drinking cousin well he was running to attack me and I didn't no it so THE cousin i like said I'll kick yr ass I said y bc he was threathing u I said o thx pretty soon when we got back it was time for the east egg hunt he kept asking me if I had this and that so he could give me some also I was eating this pie and I looked up and I caught him looking at me next, I had a purple ball and he had a pink ball it so happens we kicked it in the same direction and he got to the spot before me so he tried to show off by kicking the ball towards me but ended up stubbing his toe lol and said oweey lol and injust smiled at him and some other things happened but I found out I will be with him again on Thursday because I'm kind of babysitting and he will be there do you guys think he likes me? Or is it just a family thing PLEASE I NEED ANY HELPNI CAN GET should I tell him I like him bc I'm pretty sure he likes me!! Here's the thing I'm goin to try to get his brothers number on Thursday so ya PLEASE COMMENT AND HELP ME ANY ADVICE!!!I can't stop thinking about him!!!

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  • My advice? Punctuate!

  • I agree :) Poor grammar and punctuation.

  • I keep waiting for the "illiterate and damn proud of it" crowd to come here and start the defensive whining about how "spelling doesn't count anymore"...

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