I think I may be a gold digger, one who's never had a bf.

I just found out that this guy I had a crush on a year ago is getting recruited by some college scouts. We'll call him Adam. I had the biggest crush on Adam, but it pretty much faded away once we went our separate ways. Also, he liked my best friend, and they went out. Well, about a year and a few months later, he posts on his FB page that he was getting recruited by all of these colleges for baseball. After I read that, I couldn't stop thinking about him. Yeah, I had a crush on him but like I said. It faded. All of a sudden, I'm picturing us getting married! The thing is, I'm not really sure if it's because I actually like him (which I'm almost positive I don't) or the fact that one day (it's like almost guaranteed he's making it pro) he'll be making the big bucks, and I can imagine myself on the new tv series, Baseball Wives. Lol, but yeah. I can't stop thinking about this guy, and I feel bad. 1) He and my best friend used to date, and she really liked him. 2) He has a new girlfriend now, and not that I could break them up even if I wanted to, I hate the fact that I kind of wish I could. Maybe I'm just lonely. I don't have a bf. I don't have a lot of friends, so I only day dream about things like getting a bf. I'm definitely not ugly, I'm actually really attractive, but maybe the fact that I'm religious throws guys off. I'm a pretty wholesome girl, as far as what I'd do with a guy, and I'm sort of like the goody two shoes, and I don't plan on changing for a guy, ya know? I'm just not the kind of girl. But sometimes I think that I should be. How did this become about me not having a bf? Lol, it's good to get this off my chest though. If anyone wants to comment with advice, or whatever. Fine by me.

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