My little secret

My little secret! ?I have a fetish for my wife's panties . I like to j*** off watching p***** . I use my wife's clean silk pantie to j*** off with while smelling a pair of her soiled panties . Just before I come i flip the crotch of the clean pantie over my c*** head & c** in the cotton lined gusset ! Great - no clean up . Now this is when my little secret starts . I put that wet c** stained pantie back in her Clean draw . The next day she unknowingly puts on that c** stained pantie . My wife never wears CLEAN PANTIES . She has been wearing my c** next to her c*** for the last 5 years ! She would be p***** to find out ! She once caught me smelling her soiled pantie . She got so mad she started hiding her soiled panties on me . Well guess what ? I have found all of her hiding places . I sometimes put some of her soiled panties back in her so called "CLEAN DRAW". It becomes a challenge to see how many times I can get her to wear the same c** stained [ by me ] soiled [ by her ] pantie . I think her record with the same dirty pantie is 6 times ! I even have a hidden clean pair in bed with us. In the middle of the night I sometimes get up - go to the bathroom - put on her soiled pair over my head so that I can smell her soiled crotch & j*** off in the crotch of the the clean pantie . Or better yet - when we have s** & she falls asleep - I use that pantie to to clean OUR come off my c*** . She will get to wear this special pantie sometime . On laundry day she puts the clean panties on top in her draw . I rotate the stock [ I have a reserve of hidden soiled panties that I have stollen from her hiding spot ] on top of the clean ones . This way I make sure she has always a soiled pair to unknowingly put on ! [ very thoughtful of me ] Then the challenge begins again to start c****** in those clean panties . I always make sure my WIFE NEVER WEARS A CLEAN PANTIE . This is my little secret & it turns me on very much to share this with someone else

Apr 26, 2011

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  • I'm surprised she was upset catching you smelling her soiled panties and would hide them though; she should be supportive of whatever gets your off if it's not harming her or anyone else. She should surprise you by leaving soiled panties in your jacket pocket or other hidden places so you have them to smell when you're out in public or at work.

  • Why dont u see if you could get away with wiping your ass with them

  • thats twisted :/

  • ermmmm.....why did she marry you in the first place? by the way you say pantie way too much, are you a faggott or something? and you obvs dont care about your wife you d***-s***, i wish i knew who you were, so id tell your wife and rub your mom+dad's mixed c** undies in your face and mouth. serves you right. yours sincearly, J.Christ.

  • We just had great s** last night - I used a clean pantie to wipe my c*** clean - She is unknowingly wearing that pantie today !

  • Wow, I confess to sniffing my housemates knickers over the years whilst jerking off but this takes the biscuit, made me laugh, but seriously you could do with a change - Sordid

  • f****** weirdd. imma laugh my ass off if she find out, you nasty fuuck !

  • You are messed dude !

  • Something is really wrong with you !

  • Thats not a fetish thats an obsession. Very OCD like.

  • You are a wicked man who really needs help.

  • I think it's good that you're attracted to your wife...but this could be seriously unhealthy for her. It could cause a number of infections. Plus, don't you think her underwear would start to smell pretty bad after a while? That could have bad social consequences for her. I understand that fetishes are hard to control, but this could hurt her, and if you truly love her, you wouldn't want that.

  • My wife & I have been happily married for 28 years - She has never suffered a serious infection with my pantie antics - If she did - I would stop immediately .

  • O_e WHAT THE F*** MAN!!... wow how would you feel if someone put sperm on your underwear?!?!?!

  • Just play with the soiled ones & leave her clean ones alone

  • nasty f***

  • I can't believe she does not know

  • This story is extremely hot !

  • Somethings wrong with you..

  • eeeewwww....

  • She might get an infection

  • Wow. Imagine what you could do if you applied all that time and energy towards something useful.

    But hey, if it floats your boat, more power to you

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