Love the tales, am a panty sniffing addict. I'm an older male who have sniffed panties since I was in my thirties. Have sniffed friends wifes and daus panties, sisters, stolen panties from houses where I was at parties. Love teen panties and suck all that cream out of crotch. Best experience was baby sitting for dau in law. Took a pair of her clean panties from bedroom and came I crotch. Let the dry and put them back in drawer. Next night watched kids again, when they were in bed checked the hamper. She had worn them, knowing the had been next to her p**** all day I sucked them clean came in my pants. Keep sniffing is a turn on I think the excitement of getting caught is great.

Aug 10, 2020

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  • I am also an older male who is also addicted to sniffing and licking dirty panties. I have been sniffing dirty panties ever since I was young. My older sister Julia was the first pair of dirty panties that I had the pleasure of burying my nose into. Her dirty panties were always very musky and were my favs for many years. Then I started to sniff her daughters dirty panties when she was 5 and still do she is now 32 and I have recently managed to get my nose into her 8 year old daughters dirty panties for the 1st time and they smell so f****** good. I have sniffed literally thousands of pairs of dirty panties over the years.
    This morning I had the pleasure of sniffing a very sexy Ebony milfs dirty cotton thong. MMM they smelled quite spicy and very tangy on my tongue. Very crispy with her dried juices that I licked clean. I then filled her lovely smelly gusset up with my hot s****. MMMMM.

  • Wait! You came in your pants? Without any touching? So, if you c** in your pants just b/c you got excited... what happens when you are actually having s**, or just fore play? Seems to me that you are nothing more than a premature ejaculator! That’s just fvcking SAD! Talk about “looser in life”!

  • Great post. I couldn't agree more about the thrill of maybe getting caught. I started in 10th grade, couldn't get enough of sexy panties with a white stain! Great post.

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