Love the tales, am a panty sniffing addict. I'm an older male who have sniffed panties since I was in my thirties. Have sniffed friends wifes and daus panties, sisters, stolen panties from houses where I was at parties. Love teen panties and suck all that cream out of crotch. Best experience was baby sitting for dau in law. Took a pair of her clean panties from bedroom and came I crotch. Let the dry and put them back in drawer. Next night watched kids again, when they were in bed checked the hamper. She had worn them, knowing the had been next to her p**** all day I sucked them clean came in my pants. Keep sniffing is a turn on I think the excitement of getting caught is great.

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  • Little girls ones are best

  • I completely disagree! Before puberty, there are no pheromones in the panties, so ur basically just smelling urine! On the other hand, take a 12/13yo and they are SOAKED with pheromones. Any drops of pee have a LOT, and obviously her pvssy will smell amazing. Having smelled all my nieces, the daughters of friends, and my favorite... MY own daughters, the youngest I’ve ever smelled “pvssy” on their little panties was one of my nieces after she just turned 11. Usually by 14 or 15 they loose that sweet “little girl pvssy” smell, but I still get off up to age 16. I’ve tried pre-pubescent panties, it just didnt turn me on. Luckily I have one niece who’s 10 now, and my oldest niece had a baby girl last year, so ill have a supply of 11-16yo pvssies for many years to come.
    Note “pvssy” spelled wrong on purpose

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