Love the tales, am a panty sniffing addict. I'm an older male who have sniffed panties since I was in my thirties. Have sniffed friends wifes and daus panties, sisters, stolen panties from houses where I was at parties. Love teen panties and suck all that cream out of crotch. Best experience was baby sitting for dau in law. Took a pair of her clean panties from bedroom and came I crotch. Let the dry and put them back in drawer. Next night watched kids again, when they were in bed checked the hamper. She had worn them, knowing the had been next to her p**** all day I sucked them clean came in my pants. Keep sniffing is a turn on I think the excitement of getting caught is great.

Aug 10, 2020

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  • Wait! You came in your pants? Without any touching? So, if you c** in your pants just b/c you got excited... what happens when you are actually having s**, or just fore play? Seems to me that you are nothing more than a premature ejaculator! That’s just fvcking SAD! Talk about “looser in life”!

  • Great post. I couldn't agree more about the thrill of maybe getting caught. I started in 10th grade, couldn't get enough of sexy panties with a white stain! Great post.

  • Little girls ones are best

  • Yeah, I agree with the guy who said he disagreed with you b/c there are zero hormones in their pvssy or p***! However... I babysit my 6y/o niece most weekends, and although I’ve OBVIOUSLY tried sniffing her panties... literally nothing! My Coke was as limp as it can get, but I LOVE sneaking in her room, lifting her covers off and actually playing with her little pvssy! I was amazed to discover that girls that young actually get wet... VERY WET! I was also amazed at just HOW much you can do to them before they wake up! (And if they DO wake up, just act casual and say “are you ok? You must have been having a bad dream because you were yelling in your sleep! I’ve been trying to wake you up for a few minutes, you want some warm milk, and you can tell me about your bad dream?” It worked like a charm!) BTW, she did get up for some warm milk, and I got worried when she kept tugging at her panties, I mean she got SO wet she was literally dripping down her leg! She obviously felt the wetness and felt uncomfortable, but again, very casually I just said “oh no! Did you have a little accident? Don’t worry about it, just go to the bathroom and I’ll bring you a clean pair, leave the old pair on the floor and I’ll wash and dry them for you, your mommy never has to know, it will just be out secret”! Again, it worked like a charm, and TBH I DID blow a load licking THOSE clean... and they truly were dripping wet!

  • Sniff she told me to take my c*** out and start wanking. I placed the dirty panties over my head and sat back on the sofa and started to w*** properly taking deep sniffs of my wifes daughters dirty panties. This is never going to happen again she said just a one off and I want you to promise me that you will stop using her dirty panties to sniff while j**********. I promised I would.
    She started to talk dirty to me and started to rub her crotch in front of me, describing to me how h**** this was making her and her panties were getting really wet. She then took her panties off and took a sniff of her own wet gusset and said wow they do actually smell good, If I knew they smelled this good I would of been sniffing dirty panties myself while fingering myself.
    She then told me to sniff and lick her dirty sticky panties and compere to her daughters. She then took her daughters dirty panties off my head and then really shocked me by taking a deep sniff of her own daughters dirty panties. mmm they are good arent they. She then started to put them on and when they were pulled tight up against her own crotch she pushed me down and staddled my face imagine its my daughter sitting on your face.
    Ohh Daddy she said your soo naughty making your little girl sit on your face.
    It was all too much and I shot my load into my wifes awaiting mouth. mmm I still sniff my stepdaughters dirty panties but make sure my wife does not know. They still smell soo good.

  • Great one mate! This got me so hardd. You are so lucky to have a teenage step-daughter living in the house. My own daughter moved away to college, I still get to smell her pvssy when she’s home (like now b/c of CoVid) but there was nothing like the sweet smell of her pvssy when she was between 12 and 14! I dunno if she got lost her virginity at 15 or what, but man it smelled amazing back then. I would have given everything I had for one opportunity to eat her out back then! She still smells outstanding, way better than her mother, but that young pvssy... nothing beats it! You are a lucky man, enjoy the teenage pvssy while you can... they grow-up so fast! Btw you didn’t say how old Sarah is? Oh and if you type something that a person said, you need to use quotation marks like this “. For example: My wife walked in and said “where did you go last night”? It just makes it easier for the reader. But great story mate!

  • MMM that is so hot I love to sniff and lick dirty panties.
    My wife knows about my panty sniffing fetish. I get her to sit on my face while still her panties and rub herself off against my nose and mouth while talking dirty to me. I love to slip my nose right inside her cunny taking deep sniffs until I start to shoot my load in her mouth, I then pull her panties to the side and stick my tongue as far up her slit as possible and suck all her creamy c** out.
    One night we got very drunk and started to heavy petting on the sofa I was rubbing her p**** through her pale blue lace panties and she was moaning telling me how wet she was getting. I bet you would like to sniff these dirty panties wouldn't you you panty perv she teased.
    MMM yes I would I replied. You little perv she giggled. Who's else dirty panties have you sniffed and wanked off to she said I know you still steal mine and j*** off with them.
    I wont be annoyed she said. She then asked me if I had sniffed her teen daughters dirty panties and I shook my head but she said I bet you have you liar. Again I went bright red and she said omg you are a real panty perv. I said I was sorry and I will stop. So you are still sniffing your stepdaughters dirty panties then. I just closed my eyes and nodded. When was the last time you sniffed Sarahs dirty panties she asked me and be truthful she said. I confessed yesterday morning and she said omg. But then shocked me by asking how does she smell? Does she smell as good as my p****. I told her no. I said that I did not fancy or want to touch her in any way, but it was just the fact that there were other dirty panties to be sniffed. She stood up and said she had to use the bathroom when she came back she had a pair of pink cotton panties in her hand she placed the crotch up to my nose and told me to sniff them. They were really musky. These are Sarahs dirty panties from today I want to watch you w*** off while sniffing them. So i placed the gusset over my nose and took a deep

  • Nice and lovely playful wife you have!

  • I completely disagree! Before puberty, there are no pheromones in the panties, so ur basically just smelling urine! On the other hand, take a 12/13yo and they are SOAKED with pheromones. Any drops of pee have a LOT, and obviously her pvssy will smell amazing. Having smelled all my nieces, the daughters of friends, and my favorite... MY own daughters, the youngest I’ve ever smelled “pvssy” on their little panties was one of my nieces after she just turned 11. Usually by 14 or 15 they loose that sweet “little girl pvssy” smell, but I still get off up to age 16. I’ve tried pre-pubescent panties, it just didnt turn me on. Luckily I have one niece who’s 10 now, and my oldest niece had a baby girl last year, so ill have a supply of 11-16yo pvssies for many years to come.
    Note “pvssy” spelled wrong on purpose

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