Odd child

My earlest memories are of m***********. I day dreamed about bondage before i could even understand my times tables. I can't even tell you how young i was when i first started to use the water pressure from my bathtub to get off. i like to position my opening so that hot water can fill me almost to bursting. My mother walked in on me when i was in second grade. She told me i would go to h*** if i had lustfull thoughts. i belived her untill i was old enough to understand that if god made me a perv then i dont think he is gonna punnish me for enjoying it. I am 19, i m********* at least once a day. i still have not had s** bc i dont think anyone can make me feel half as good as i can.
I still practice for when I do have s**. i do Kegel Exercises all day long (even in church) my vag can get so tight i can't fit my finger in.
No one knows this in my real life in fact most people think i dont even have sexual thoughts. All they have to do is take one look at the history on my laptop and they would see all of the p*** i look at. i spend more time looking at p*** then studying.

Apr 29, 2011

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  • You should send a thto rml2369@email.vccs.eduat tight p****

  • its aright when i was 6 i started to look at p*** and when i ot old enough, i masturbated i stopped looking at p*** (im a male btw) because i found myself ruining relationships because of it but i still m********* (sometimes to this website even :p)other times, i just fantasize it actually works WAY better than p*** i have had fantasies of my boss, neighbor, f***, i have even fantasizedd of my sis (once or twice ONLY) if you know someone that you would want to f***, anyone just fantasize about him/her

  • Nothing wrong with it, keep at it :P I like pervy virgins.

  • another girl can make you feel better then you can make yourself feel..

  • ^^^ don't listen to this j***, it's ok doing that is natural. Just try and stop the p***. There are some things u can't unsee

  • If you did spend more time studying mabie you would know to spell. Go die there are enough of you in the world you stupid want 2 b s***.

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