I look at him

First you should know I was a virgin by my choice before this all happened. Okay I have known this guy for almost 2 years now and yes we did ended up dating and ending the relationship for multiple reasons (He was abusive, controlling and a constant Liar NOT MY DREAM GUY). He's the big shot at school and I am one of the outcast girls who hangs with the gamers and kinda quiet and keeps to my business etc...many people know me though. After breaking up, weeks later this guy invited me over one day to his place and I really liked him still but when I got to his place he ended up raping me after I kept saying no. The whole school found out everything cause he bragged to a friend that he did me...Now I am called a hoe, s****, liar and more. I am not the only girl he has done this to and even tho he did this to me I still look at him with love and forgiveness to stop the pain but its been about a year since the date of the rape. I have met a amazing guy and he ended up braking it off with me after 4 months because of the guy who raped me told him lies...even after the h*** this guy has put me though I still end up getting thrown under the bus and controlled by him...I don't know what else I can possibly do but right now to get away. I think I need to switch schools and move in with my step mom to get away cause If I don't I am afraid I'll never get away from him alive

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  • report the rape to the police and move in with your step mom.

    have you told anyone about this?

  • You shouldn't this a--hole control you life. Don't give him the satisfaction of him having an effect on you. Rapists only do what they do because they feel the need to be in power. Don't worry about getting a boyfriend right now or what other people say because the people worth talking to are the people who realize he's lying and stick by you :) When you get a real boyfriend later on he will realize the truth of the situation and help you through whatever you need :)

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