I cant have friends

I have a few friends... not what you'd call close friends. gurlfriends to go out dancing with and such, but not anyone i could call to go out for coffee with or hangout with. They all seem disinterested, and i have a hard time trusting girls anyways. Any girlfriend ive had in the past seems to f*** me over in some way. i miss my guyfriends from school - but we're all gradded now and moved. My hubby is great, but he's quite possessive, and doesnt litke me having guyfriends, and i dont trust women and dont have any gurlfriends... i have no friends. fml, what is wrong with me??

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  • Both you and your husband have trust issues.

  • At some point you have to learn to trust people. Maybe go and speak to a therapist to get to the root of your issues. Sounds like your friends are your party friends. In the mean time, find activities like book groups or hiking groups or just something where you can meet other women friends who share your same interests. Don't give up..But people are busy these days, you really have to put forth the effort.

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