Im so much in love with you

I'm still crazily in love with my ex. were still "friends". we broke up cos he cheated on me and a month later he was back to apologize. he didn't want to get back with me or anything.
its been almost 2 years since this happened! though we don't talk for months one of us usually calls the other and things just get crazy. i yell at him for cheating on me and he takes it.we fight about the past and we get so upset.
we meet occasionally and it feels so good when i see him. i love him so very much but m scared to tell him, scared that he might leave, scared that ill make a fool of myself. but m so miserable. i just want him back.
i don't know what to do! should i just tell him or get him out of my life?

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  • If the past you are fighting about is about his cheating on you then you need to forgive and move on if you have any hope of getting back together. That includes throwing it in his face every time you get angry or you fight. It means not accusing him of cheating again unless you have some solid proof. But frankly it seems like you have little hope with this guy and you know it. Please find a life without him.

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