Going to Rock his world

I met this guy online and exchanged pics, I've talked him into wearing sexy seductive clothes and convinced him into roll play. He's to lay on his stomach, wearing a pair of crothless panties. I will enter through an unlocked door and find him with candle-lit atmosphere and music playing. I'll jump him and tie him to his bed. I'll then stand back and take all my clothes off and admire my victim. I'll just stare while stroking my c*** gently. I'll then slowly approach him and lay my c*** across the cheeks of his ass. I'll whisper in his ear, "B****, that ass and the rest of you belong to me tonight". I'll take my knife and cut off all of his clothes, slowly. I'll take his c*** deep into my mouth, listening to him squirm and moan. I'll start to rim his tight sexy ass while I stroke his c*** and squeeze the h*** out of his b****.
I am so going to f*** my little ass-p**** soon, I can't wait. This night hasn't happened yet, but it's to happen in the next week.

May 10, 2011

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  • Wow. I had this done to me once years ago so I know how lucky the guy will be. Go for it!

  • Hope you have a great time.

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