Gay thoughts

I find myself increasingly watching gay or she-male p*** online. I am hetero, but have developed fantasies about sucking a c*** and being f***** in the ass. I run seduction scenes through my mind constantly. I wish I could stop. Yet, the idea of reaching out for another man's c*** and fondling it is an extreme turn on. I love the thought of putting it in my mouth and having someone f*** me while I lie on my back with my legs up in the area, his tongue in my mouth and his c*** buried deep in my ass.

Sep 8, 2011

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  • So many straight guys fantasize about a***. Its normal. Alot just use a d****?
    but.... a real c*** is so much better!

  • You should never have confess that to her. If her gay friend offers say no! If you have to - do it in secret. Women don't really want to see their bf lying back like a girl with a c*** in his ass - unless they have some weird revenge fantasy. She will leave you shortly after or.. she has a guy in mind she wants to f*** and her excuse will be 'its only fair'.. then - she will dump your ass.

  • I am a straight guy too. But I want to suck another guy's c*** and maybe let him do me in the ass. My wife has offered to ask one of her gay I friends if he would be interested. I can hardly wait to hear what he says!

  • Wow me too

  • I dated a woman in college that loved watching gay p*** with guys s*******. I found out when she put a video on while we were having s**. It was just that. We had some great s** with her being turned on. She thought I would be up for it.

    She invited her gay brother to join us and I was reluctant at first. But, when I saw her c****** by watching him s**** me, I got into it. We had the best s** ever.

  • Your wife has already talked to her gay friends so they know that you will be asking them to f*** you and they ALL are going to f*** your brains out right in front of your wife.

  • Sounds like a fun time

  • Read the washroom jerkoff post, try it, feel another guys c** in your hand. :)

  • Hey guys if you were about to be raped and the guy gives you a choice , take it in the ass or sick on it , what would you do?

  • Suck, every time.

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