I somehow enjoy being bad while being good

I sometimes like to go online and talk to random people pretending im a fairly young girl. Most of the time they go and start hitting on me asking for naked pics (even if i say im as young as 12 and they are in their 30s) even if i didnt come on to them and i turn them on. Usually we start cybering and i go along with it, i almost enjoy doing it even though i pretend them im this girl im actually a guy. They never even have a slight clue i am who i am and then before they are close to c****** i tell them i understand why they are doing that and they could get in big trouble and i just warn t hem but if they really creeped me out i say worse things to them (that takes a lot since im not that judgmental) going after girls like they do and then i just leave them. Sometimes they get really mad but strangely some thank me for the advice.

This is way easier compared to being on their end trying to find a young girl and umm talking with them :P

May 16, 2011

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  • Dude, your just trying to make your self feel better for your own sexual thoughts about young girls.

  • Nope, I dont like girls THAT young, not 12. I know how bad some people can be and i love all people and know its best to protect girls as well as help make guys become better persons. I do sometimes say im 18 and i still say the same things to them to encourage them on a more caring and empathetic way of treating women. I dont believe in having s** when someone doesnt know what the f*** they are doing emotionally so that often excludes girls pretty young. Youre just trying to make yourself feel special like you can identify problems in a person.

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