i stopped posting things on here

i stopped posting things on here because i finally thought life was going to be ok.

now i'm not sure that it is.

i'm pregnant with my boyfriends child at 18 and he's already broken up with me once. i'm so terrified it'll happen again. i'm sure we could be together forever, but he doesn't always feel the same way. i've tried so hard to change for him, without becoming a different person. it seems like there is always something wrong. i'm scared i'll be a single mother and my child will be getting child support like i did all my life.. i'm scared my child will end up like me. its the most terrifing thought i can think of.

i'm so scared of ending up like the rest of my family.. living off welfare and being second (or third) rate. i was supposed to be the one to be different and not be like the rest of my family. I'M GRADUATING, I'M SUPPOSED TO GO TO COLLEGE! but now i'm pregnant and could possibly be single...

i feel better letting it out.. but i'm still terrified of what will happen.

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  • Why are you stressing about what MIGHT happen? And so the f*** what if he breaks up with you? If you have a bunch of family on welfare, you can possibly get the state to assist you with daycare so you can still work or go to school.

  • Depending on how far into the pregnancy, I'd say abort that sucker!

    I'm not trying to be an a******.


    But if having a child would s**** up your life, it would probably put the child through crap.

    I grew up without a father, and it sucked ass. My father grew up without a father, and he was also screwed up.

  • you people are pathetic telling this poor girl that she should kill her own child.Her own flesh and blood.Did you ever consider that this baby IS you? It is apart of your body and has your DNA.Abortion is uneducated and barbaric.The fact that comment #5 is advocating Killing helpless children for your own selfish reasons is proof of the barbaric nature of abortion.This is not about you,It's about your child.Women killing their own babies is not about choice,It's just murder.

  • Notice that the two posters who told you to forget about having an abortion also cannot spell? That's because they are ignorant and uneducated- exactly what you do not want to be. There's no reason you have to be. I'm sure you'll be a great mom someday when you're ready. But now is the time to get your education and make something of yourself. Keeping this baby will make it much more likely that the rest of your life will be very difficult. You should consider having an abortion or consider putting the baby up for adoption, and then getting some counselling to deal with the loss. But regardless of what you choose, get your education! It's the only way.

  • Do not let being pregnant squash your dreams. This baby should be the motivation you need to do great things in your life. I am a single mom of 4 kids and Im only 24 years old. Right now Im sitting in my nice cozy desk chair in my nice sunny office, racking up $200 a day to f*** off on this computer. I havea job that I am proud of. And you can too.

  • FORGET ABOUT #1 comment.. Dont get an abortion. im sure you have friends who will help.. but talk to the daddy of the baby.. see what he would say if you were pregnate.. and then talk to your friends... and if nuthing works out.. yess of course there is adoption.some couples cant have kidss and they want a child.. dont be scared just think about it alot.. but i think you do need to forget about abortion for sure!

  • Ignore the first poster,what a friggen morron.Its okay to kill a baby because youre not attatched yet...friggen idiot.
    Did it occur to you to keep your pants on.Please consider adoption.Please go to a website called abort73 and see what really goes on.Women are often scared for life

  • I don't mean this in an inconsiderate or judgemental way, but have you considered having an abortion? It's not the easiest thing to do, but it's not the worst thing in the world the way some people make it out to be.
    If you're morally opposed or too far along or just can't do it, please consider giving your child up for adoption. You can pick the family you give your child to and know for the rest of your life that child will be taken care of and loved and given a life you couldn't give it. There are couples out there who would give anything to have a child. Most of them will help pay for you medical bills and even some living expenses while you're pregnant. It's a really good option, the only reason I said abortion first is because most women can't handle the idea of giving birth to a child and then giving it away, by that time they are way too attached.
    Please think about your options, there are a lot of places you can go for help.

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