I wish she was art, yo

I always thought art was cute. F***. I thought art was beautiful. You get me? So I wnt to this museum to see some ART. You get me? And when i got there man, it was like a dream in a bottle! I saw this little librarian looking girl, all cute and beautiful like, and I asked her "you a painting?" Like damn. She was straigh up HOT. And this girl just smiles and acts are pretty like and embarrassed like because she knows that I have it goin on down there for her. You get me? So I asked her if she would show me around and she did. I could not get me eyes off of her magnificent booty. It swayed as she walked and her cute like cheeks. Forget bros yo! I like them hoes! But she was more than that to me already. You get me? I was like damn. Let's f***. So we went behind some sculpture of Jupiter or some s*** and she let me f*** her. We had an exhibit of our own. You gt me? People kept coming and watching and we yell "GO LOOK AT ART. MY NAME NOT ART. MY NAME RICK". And s*** they left. And we both finished together and then she had to leave yo. She had to leave because she knew she could not live without another f*** like that again. You gt me?

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  • Brea(s)thtaking.

  • Who is this?

  • Please die in a fire...

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