I have friend who is worried that she might be gay. I don't want to tell her that it freaked me out, but it did. I've known her for 10yrs, she has had a long relationship with a boy for like five of those. So is she really gay? I think that maybe she is just feeling confuse because she has only been with that one guy. I used to tell her that she needed to go out with other guys after the break-up but she always refused. Can a person be gay, even if she has been with a guy for like almost five years? She is my friend, and I don't want her making a mistake if she is not really sure about it.

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  • Thanks. I've known her since High School so it was shocking. She is so feminine, maybe even more than me. She has never been boy crazy, and it's definitely more on the shy side. But I still I can't get it around my head, but you two are both right. She must feel really scare, her family is super religious and non tolerant of that. My family is too. I haven't spoken to her yet, but I will see how she is doing tomorrow. Thank you both.

  • Yes, she could be gay or bi..or just curious. There are tons of men and women who marry and have children only to find out later that they themselves are gay. Just support your friend with whatever she chooses to do. Your friendship is what's most important and just be there to lend support. Even if she decides that she's gay, doesn't mean that you are the target of her affection. If it makes you uncomfortable talking about the subject, be honest and tell her. You can still hang out and do what you two do normally.

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