I ran into my ex's mom the other day.

I ran into my ex's mom the other day. Now I can't stop thinking about my ex: not because I still like him [GOD no], but because the b**** actually made me feel bad for dumping him. I want to move on because I love an amazing person who is twice the man my ex is, and I don't want to feel guilty. The truth is, I hope my ex DOES get sick again, and that her mom feels pain for her tackiness and rudeness. That's the only thing that makes me feel better, thinking of that.

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  • Well, f*** him and his momma! I probably would have broke up with him too, he sounds like a momma's boy!

  • Fuckthe ex and her mom. Move on and be happy. Who gives a s*** if you dumped her daughter? If you didnt want to be with he, you couldn't help that.

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