I feel like a loser because I don't

I feel like a loser because I don't have a girlfriend. I have a hard time talking to girls I like because I feel their out of my league. How do I get over this, and what is a good way to start a conversation, without looking weird.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Simply say hello to her -tell the girl your name and ask her what she likes-then continue to say to her wow your eyes are so beautiful make compliments about how she looks all over her body


  • ok can I just ask you 3 questions and then leave you alone.

  • Well, if you are the same guy, yet again. . .my advice remains the same: Stop being such a loser, get off your computer, and go f****** to talk to a real live girl already, for God's sake!

  • Yea Dive23, it didn't. I was like wtf? To the OP- here is what did it for me. Just ask the first pretty girl you see what time it is. She will tell you, and you say thanks and walk off. Ask the next pretty girl, then the next, then te next...(do it with tact and class and not in front of the others. Don;t be dumb about it just play a little dumb) Anyway, just do that, or ask where a room or building is- whatever. It gets you used to talking to girls and you will find out they are just people too. Relax. have fun with it. I told this to my friend once and he went to a college campus to sign up for classes. he said he had teh best day just talking to girls and even struck up a few conversations beyond just what time it was.

  • so what where you trying to say?

  • I am sorry, I am stupid. I just realised what I said made no damn sense.

  • ok so just talk to her about normal stuff, and then let her know that i think she is pretty.

  • Built your confidence and get a girl that you know opinion about how to go about geting a girl.

  • Now that's one good way--those of us who like shopping at malls on the other hand -and or movie theatres simply walk up to a nice girl and say hello my name is____ and begin a nice conversation its all good ;-)

  • so like just ask her how her day was, or just ask out of no where about a movie or some.

  • just be confident.
    oh and i love it when guys just talk to me about random stuff instead of pickup lines and compliment after compliment.

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