I Was Once A Weenie Waving Exhibitionist

I'm not proud of it but there was a time I was one of those weenie waving exhibitionists you read about in the newspaper. It all got started as soon as I went through puberty. I felt an urge to show my newly developed p**** to teenage girls and older women. I used to go a secluded area where the freeway ran up above and expose my erect p**** to the cars speeding by on the freeway. I'd look for faces at the passenger side woman and when I saw a female (usually with a shocked look on her face!) peering out I got the biggest rush and usually had an e********** without even masturbating.

Once I got a car I would drive along side vehicles that were at a higher level than my car (pickup trucks, vans, especially buses), unzip my pants and m********* as I looked up at the again usually shocked, less often amused faces. I'd j******* as I drove and tried to time by p**** eruption just about the same time I took a convenient offramp, taking care to stay right along side of the other vehicles so no occupant could see my license plate. This was all before cell phones you understand. No way I would try that nowadays fearing I soon would be arrested and sitting in jail with a big black d*** up my pooper.

I got braver and braver and was soon exposing my erect p**** to women in parks, even on the street when I thought I could get away with it. Hundreds, maybe thousands of girls and women viewed (and were uusally disgusted by) my hard d*** during those years. Once in a while I'd get laughter or ridicule too but the most common reaction was shock & disgust which was okay with me. The rush was still the same regardless of the reaction.

This went on for years, all back in the 1970's and 1980's mostly. What made me stop exposing my p****? I'm really not sure except it finally got old and as more and more cellphones started appearing I worried about getting reported and arrested. The internet also came along and gave me opportunities to expose my p**** on line in photo forums. Nowadays you have chatroulette and all it's clones which appears to an exhibitionist's paradise. Weenie wavers up the yahoo. I'll admit if that came along earlier I would be quite a participant but now I've pretty much lost interest in exposing my weenie. It was fun while it lasted but I've moved on. My wife and kids in particular wouldn't be pleased if they knew of hubby and daddy's exhibitionist days, nor would any other members of my family or any of my friends. It was fun while it lasted but there was a time to move on. I keep it zipped in public at all times now and that's probably a good thing!

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  • i saw ur p****

  • Wow, thousands of exposures. Good that you put it and the guilt of it away. The old punishment of an eye for an eye would probably not apply here LOL

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