Molest my admin staff

Hi I was running my own business,I had a beautiful admin staff from China.She started of as a translator,She accidentally touch my fingers one time But i know it was on purpose,After that I always try squeeze her inner thigh while driving.Some time even put my hand near her p**** and scratch her,She will not try to resit me at all.When ever She came near me i would try to touch her as much as possible sometime even squeeze her buttocks real hard when ever she come near my computer to read some mail.I even try to brush her breast when ever she come near me,Some time I would rub by c*** agaist her back on the pretext of trying to squezze btw her and the furniture.

but of late She remove my hand whenevr I try to squeeze her inner thighs.I cannot resit her at all and try to musterbait every morning before going to the office.

But the moment she come in contact with me,I will release a sticky substance from my c***.Am trying very hard not to molest her again,Sometime even have to shake out 3 times a day.

I did not ask her if She like me or not,But very soon she needed to go back to China,She call me few time,But now hardly answer my call.

Do you think I should apolagize to her ,for all my wrong advance on her

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  • F no. She Works for you and not a citizen

  • yes.

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