I recently married. It was the best day

I recently married. It was the best day of my life! That's just not an expression either. I loved it! I wish that feeling would last forever. The only thing was; my groom was a virgin (christian belief) although I wasn't. I am soo emotionally attached to him. But physically, he let me down! He is soo small! He was kinda sloppy (although it was his first time, so I'm okay with that) but he was like a teenager, c****** in his pants, being small, unconfident. Feeling my b****, he didn't even make me feel exhilarated. It was the best day of my life, just not the best night of my life.

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  • aww take this chance to teach him something haha h*** get better

  • B**** !!

  • Hmm...

    Take up masturbating.

    It's good for the sou.

  • I think that you should just play with your c*** alot in bed, and get yourself off until he gets used to having s** and figures out what you like. There is nothing wrong with coaching him, either- let him know what you like. My man is 12 years older than me, good in bed, but I still tell him things to do in bed almost every time we have s**. I'll raise my legs over his shoulders, whatever. You guys are married now and you should be able to talk to him about this.

  • that sucks

  • teach him what to do to please you

  • It will get better. S** with my husband after four years of marriage gets better and better because we have learned a lot about each other's bodies. And s** on our wedding night was not nearly as good as usual because we were tired beyond our wildest dreams and were sort of in shock over realising we were married! And don't worry about the size- there are many other ways to enhance the experience. But don't be ashamed to take control over your o****** in bed with your husband. Intercourse is usually the most difficult way to achieve o***** anyway.

  • I have friends who both were like that. No experience at all, then married, and conceive on the honeymoon night! What a bummer. but they are weird anyways. They want 5 kids. Religous thing I hear. :/

  • Another reason I can use to justify my views on premarital s**.

  • I think there can't be much worse s** than someone really pumping you, with a small needle d***, and squeezing your t***. I really hope things improve :-) If you love him as you say you do, I'm sure things will.

  • It will get better in time. Practice makes perfect! And I have gotten just as much pleasure out of smaller penises than bigger ones. Size isn't really that significant, as long as it doesn't go into extremes (too small or too big).

  • He will start feeling less awkward, you will learn tricks on how to make it better. For instance, with my man, he has a big d***, but he just for some reason can't bring me to o*****. So I use a vibrator to help. I hold it to my c*** while he f**** me and I can come like, 5 or 6 times in a half hour. Its awesome!

  • Good luck.

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