Belly fetish

That evening i was walking to a parking.. it was about 1 o clock am.while walking i noticed 3 people talking and as they noticed me they started to walk towards me ..
when they were near enought they started to ask me info about the roads but they had a strange accent...
I turn myself to indicate the direction they were looking for.. but as i did that i felt a weird sensation in my belly..
Later i was hit by a punch but stronger.. couldnt realize what was going on at first..
Only when i watched dawn and i saw the handle of the knife sticking out my bellybutton i started to understand..
Not sure why i instinctively grabbed the handle.. but sometime i was feeling soo weird
Like i couldnt move
And was hard even to breath in like i was feeling the blade going deeper if i tried to breath . Bot sure why also was feeling my belly muscles soo tight contracting involotary and like a sort of feeling from my navel going down
I was feeling both scared and in pain but also something else i couldnt understand and that made me feel soo embarrassed too
Not sure why i had the feeling when i tried once to pull the knife out that i was having like an involotary big o***** but couldnt understand why that feeling or why i was bleeding from my mouth too..
Fortunatly a person found me even if was late and called for help.
Now i want to discuss it with somebody who had the same experience

Nov 4, 2019

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