Too randy

I am too h****. I began having s** at a disturbingly young age. I'm 28 and married now but my husband works so hard and can't keep up. I watch p*** and m********* CONSTANTLY! Women aren't supposed to be like this!

Jul 9, 2011

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  • U started at 5 Haha....-female

  • All the above is horseshit! M********* m********* m*********! You gave birth to three of your husbands children, if he can't love you after that then you don't need him! My wife gained weight after giving birth to our son! Truth is i find her more attractive now then i ever did. Sounds like a him problem! And if jerking off is how you get what you need then don't quit! Simple as that!!!!

  • Sounds like its about more than s**. Your husband is making you feel like a w**** because you enjoy and want s** and he's making you feel inadequate because he didn't give you the sperm for a boy. You're fine, he's f***** up.

  • He makes me feel like a w****. Pushing my hands off of him. He tells me he's tired or that he has a headache. WTF aren't I supposed to be the one saying that. And then I get all crazy and start thinking that he doesn't want me, I gained some weight with the three pregnancies. We only planned on 2 kids but they both ended up being girls and he wanted a boy so bad. I feel like I hate myself but then I feel worse for having such stupid irrational thoughts. Being a woman SUCKS.

  • You are blessed to have such a s** drive, and in a position to make your husband feel like the luckiest guy in the world. It's not a bad thing at all.

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