My Brother In Law's A Perv

I hate my sister's pervert husband. He always undresses me with his eyes and never wears any underwear as if he's trying to advertise his big c*** my sister brags about.

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  • You brother in law sounds like a nice guy who is just being generous in trying to make you feel desirable. No doubt he's getting enough p**** from you sister with that jumbo d*** of his. Sounds like you are fantasizing and in bigtime denial.

  • BS! The b in law is reacting to his baser instincts: he wants s** with someone other than his wife, to whom he already has ready access and therfore does .not feel like having to pursue. He is not being generous; he's just selfish and after some.fresh p****! It is.more likely that his.wife will dislike than like his l****** after her little sister. Re-read the poster, you speaking-thru-your-d*** douchebag : she is not interested in her b in law and detests his eye-undressing and, much as can be gathered, does not need this sleazebag of a b in law to feel desireable. Maybe, just for once, put yourself and in the poster's shoes and feel your skin crawl as the b in law violates you and undresses you with his eyes. Perhaps you wont be able to do so (picture what it is like to feel violated like the poster did) because of your d***-urges and hormones and all-s** mind; how about this... all your personal and private belongings are being displayed in public for all to see and poke over... maybe then you will feel violated, like the poster here is trying get across. My humble observation. Dd 20120501

  • I like the blackmail strategy. You find your opponent's weakness and exploit it. Since men are a******* anyway, it serves them right no matter what they get. My stepfather's a perv too. He's always trying to get peeks at my t*** and up my dress. I just might make his day and let him f*** me with a bigger price tag than that p**** would ever imagine. It would be sweet revenge watching him squirm when I threatened to tell my mother unless he gave me money whenever I wanted it. Maybe even a sports car. Yeah, I'll fix that pervert good!

  • just f*** him, you know you want it too you stupid s***. just like the little b**** above talking about blackmailing him for money. you know the money is only a secondary prize, she's probably still f****** him behind her sisters back like a little w**** would.

  • Typical! Just effing typical of another d!ck speaking thru his effing c***! Not everything and everyone is about f******!! You, like other male readers, are just super imposing onto the poster.... unlike you, she has no desire for s** with the sleazebag of a b in law. Get that thru your d***-centric minds! Imagine all your debase s** desires made known to the world, and they know who you are, no anonymity, no hiding behind a.pc screen, with your name and photo posted over the place... that is the violation the poster is trying to get across - something you have obviously failed to grasp, as evidenced by your reply. 20120501

  • My brother in law is exactly like that, but with an average size c***. I got so p***** at his eye rape that I slept with him one time out of spite. He pretended to walk in my room by accident when I was toweling off from a shower and got his long awaited full view of my naked body. At first I was p***** off, but a little thought came in to my mind. F*** him and blackmail him afterwards. So after that one and only gift from me to him in bed, I get money from him all the time. If he refuses me, I warm him I'll spill the beans and describe his little s** techniques in detail to my sister and s**** up his life. Life is good when you put a brother in law pervert in his place, lol.

  • Yep, you want some of that, don't you? Give the perv a taste of that and see if he measures up. If your sister finds out say "what the f*** did you expect? You've been bragging about his c*** and it was like an invitation to try it out."

  • You must be a bit of a perv yourself if you're so aware of his big c*** minus underwear.

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