I hate my female cousin.

I hate you because you are dumb, you never gave a s*** about me, you never payed attention to me when I talked to you. I'd rather save my male cousin (No h***, lol) than saving you from a fire, I'd rather go to Six Flags with my other cousin than going with you. Because all the thing I did for you, and you never gave back, not even a "Thanks". F*** you, I hope you find the man of your dreams and escape with him to Russia or something, so I'll never see you again.

Jul 10, 2011

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  • My friend Dana left leaving me depressed, I found another Dana who knows my cousin. I'm super p***** at my cousin and just wish she'd drop dead. I hate her inside out. F*** THAT B**** FOR NEVER GIVING A S*** ABOUT ME, She is the worst family member ever!! I hate her guts and Wish she was dead... I'd call her a s*** right to her ugly ass face!! I wish her friend Dana would just smack her in the face cuz she's ugly, stupid, mean, hateful, and I hate her with all my soul. She's a witch, maybe even the wife of the antichrist. I wish she'd shut her G******* mouth. I hope she burns in h*** when she dies!!! She's the worst person I ever met!! I hope she gets struck by lightning for being such an inconsiderate b****. She's as ugly as h*** and as dumb as a sack of rocks. She hates me...I hate you too, b****!! F*** YOU, COUSIN!! F*** YOU!! STUPID B****!!

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